Hello friends! Thank you so much for your support and taking the time to tune into Artist Daughter.  I am a mom of two, wife, and enthusiast of all things creative. I have been wanting to build up a blog for a very long time and hope you enjoy the journey with me.  Artist Daughter is my creative space, the snippets of motherhood, the strive for a simple life where the mess may be big but hearts are very full. This is an encouraging and positive place to celebrate each other’s gifts and inspire you to live more fully and freely, welcome to my home.




The Simple Life

All I want in life is that my family enjoys their time together and we never let our lives get so busy that we miss each other days at a time. I want our house to be the one you know the food will be delicious and the deserts heavenly. A house where my kids want to come home to along with all their friends. Those may be simple aspirations but they can be so easily left aside in the hustle of life.

Not Perfect

Once we all admit that parenting can sometimes take to the best out of us, the easier it is to look back and laugh about it. My life is far from perfect, as much as I dream of having a Scandinavian chic cottage and children who are perfectly behaved and listen to every word that I say. The reality is that we will always have our ups and downs and make lots of messes and sometimes get on each other’s nerves. I will admit, I love to bake ALONE while my kids are napping because it can be very frustrating having flour everywhere but in the bowl. At the same time, we have moments where my daughter runs to greet me at the door, hugs me and tells me that she missed me.  There is nothing better than that pure innocent love. I really do raise two little wolves and I’m very proud of it.

Mom Strong

So, to all you mama’s and papa’s out there, you have something extraordinary to offer. Your brain may feel like mush sometime; but remember your passions and seek out a little time for yourself. Sleep is important but so is the thrill of LIFE! Even if you’re not a mom or just here to check out some sweet recipes you are always welcome here. I believe in sharing my excitement and new findings with others, lets share life and make the world a better place together.