I believe beauty should be simple, easy and effortless. There is beauty everywhere you look and in everyone you see. It is the strength in character and quirkiness in personality we all have.


I am a busy mom of two and most days there is little to no time for me to put myself together before we ‘ungracefully’ exit the door. I will tell you honestly, I thought that I was a lost cause and it was simply not possible to be happy with the way I looked before exiting the door.  I also thought I would forever have acne. In the grand scheme of life these are the small insecurities that creep up on as a mom of young children. I recently decided to change that and to figure out beauty my way; I needed a solution in which I would feel confident in myself but more importantly quick and easy to execute. To some it may seem vain but I wanted to feel human again!!! Since I stay at home with my two very awesome kids I could wear sweat pants and t-shirts all day; it’s great but at the same time it can make me start to feel like my life revolves around nap time and getting a few hours of quiet or a shower.

I started simple with an evening face washing routine and I was on the lookout for some sort of makeup I could easily use and feel like me in. That is where Maskcara Beauty stepped in. I could not believe how easy and effortless it is to apply this makeup. It looks natural, flawless and most of all it was still me!


Fast forward almost a year later, one of the best things that I have learned through all of this is that I love to teach and share by showing others how to do the same self-care routine. At the end of the day I want to lift others up so that they can go out and share that excitement in the spirit of building other up others. Confident women lift up other women and cheer them on in their goals and ambitions.